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As an Ear, Nose and Throat practice we would love to assist with those chronic, frustrating conditions that decrease your quality of life. We are also ready to assist you in the case of an acute illness or emergency. Both adults and children are welcome. We understand that a sick child can cause a lot of worry and distress, and we would like to help.

The field of Ear, Nose and Throat surgery attends to any condition involving the face, sinonasal system, throat, mouth, voice box and other abnormalities of the head and neck.

Information regarding Doctor Elmarie Botha

Dr Elmarie Botha was born in Secunda in the Mpumalanga province. She had an exciting school career at Goedehoop Primary School and Oosterland High School. She had many cultural, sport, musical and dancing interests and achievements. She had high academic achievement in all subjects and was named the Oosterland student of the year twice. She matriculated in 1998 with the second highest academic grades in the province.

After internship Dr Botha worked in the ENT Department at 1 Military Hospital for 3 years, during which she performed her entry exams for the field of ENT. She was accepted as a Clinical Assistant at the University of Pretoria and graduated as an ENT Specialist in 2015.

Dr Botha has been married for 15 years and has two adoring children of four and six respectively. Having children has definitely made her aware of the challenges that a mother faces when a child is ill, and how your own illness can affect your family.

After spending more than a year as an ENT consultant at 1 Military Hospital, Dr Botha decided to start a Private Practice at the Midstream Mediclinic Hospital. She is very excited about the brand-new practice with its state of the art equipment and fresh, welcoming ambience.

Dr. Elmarie Botha

Dr. Elmarie Botha
Qualifications include:
MBChB (University of Pretoria);
MMed Otorhinolaryngology (University of Pretoria); and the
Fellowship of Colleges in Otorhinolaryngology (South Africa).

“Our priorities are to improve your quality of life, taking care of those troublesome ear, nose and throat conditions, and to be there for you in the case of an acute problem or emergency”

We will gladly assist you with your need.



Dr Botha’s practice is located at the welcoming and modern Mediclinic Hospital in Midstream. Midstream is a relatively young area and has a fresh, calm atmosphere. The Hospital reflects the ambience of the environment. She is well established, but has succeeded in avoiding the rushed and overcrowded feel often experienced in many of our other hospitals.

The practice has a warm, yet professional appeal and they pride themselves in their state of the art clinical and diagnostic equipment, which is truly some of the best and most modern of its kind.

Dr Botha truly has a passion for helping patients and parents when experiencing those acute, sometimes frightening, ear, nose and throat conditions, as well as those who struggle with frustrating chronic or recurrent conditions that affect their quality of life. It is very important to her that a patient completely understands their condition and the treatment thereof, especially if surgery is part of the management plan. The imaging equipment available can also assist in explaining the condition by showing the patient or parent what and where the problem is.

All necessary surgical procedures are performed either at the Midstream Mediclinic Hospital or the Midstream Day Cure Day-hospital. These theatres are well-equipped with some of the latest direct, endoscopic and microscopic equipment available.

When hospitalized under Dr Botha’s care at Midstream Hospital, you will be treated with care and made as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, however, you will be treated with the best medical care possible.

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