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Patient Information



This document is completed on your first visit. You provide us with your personal details, general medical condition, current medication use, surgical history and possible allergies. It also gives us the necessary information regarding your medical aid.

You can download it and complete it electronically.

After completion, either:

  • Print, sign, scan, and e-mail it to us; or
  • Save it, e-mail it to us, and sign it when you visit the practice

We will gladly assist you with your need.


INFORMATION – Conditions and Treatment

Ear Conditions and TreatmentEar Conditions and Treatment

Nasal Conditions and TreatmentNasal Conditions and Treatment

Throat Conditions and TreatmentThroat Conditions and Treatment

Oral Conditions and TreatmentOral Conditions and Treatment

Laryngeal Conditions and TreatmentLaryngeal Conditions and Treatment

Head and Neck Conditions and TreatmentHead and Neck Conditions and Treatment

INFORMATION – Surgical Procedures

The documents below contain information about the following aspects of ear, nose and throat surgery:

  • Pre-op information: How to prepare for surgery.
  • Procedure: What is done during surgery.
  • Post-op information: What to expect immediately after the surgery.
  • Possible complications: Which complication might occur.
  • Alternative for surgery: What you could do instead of surgery.

Please consult the relevant document and procedure to inform yourself about the relevant procedure.

Surgical Procedures – EarSurgical Procedures – Ear

Surgical Procedures – Nose and Sinuses (Nasal)Surgical Procedures – Nose and Sinuses (Nasal)

Surgical Procedures – ThroatSurgical Procedures – Throat

Good luck and we wish you a speedy recovery.